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Periodontics in Greenwood

closeup young woman with tooth acheAt Greenwood Dental Surgery, our focus is on helping you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for life. In addition to preventive care, we offer a range of services to correct problems and restore the health of your teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease is what we call conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to loss of bone around the teeth due to infection—and ultimately, it can cause you to lose your teeth. If you have periodontal disease, our experienced dental team is here to help!

What Is It?

Often, patients have no outward symptoms of periodontal disease. In some cases, you may experience bleeding gums. Infection, injury, or inflammation is the usual cause of bleeding gums. If you don’t brush or floss properly, a thin layer of plaque can form at the gum line. Gingivitis, or swelling of your gums, can quickly set in, causing the initial bleeding.

In many cases, however, you may not notice any pain, discomfort or bleeding, and you’re not aware of a problem until a tooth becomes loose or you develop an abscess.

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How We Help

Our goal is to prevent problems before they start by encouraging routine checkups and cleans so we can identify and address problems before they get to the advanced stage of periodontal disease.

Once you have periodontal disease, it doesn’t go away. It can’t be cured, so our goal is to manage it and try to prevent further damage to the bone so we can prevent tooth loss. This involves “deep cleaning,” which removes the tartar both from the surface of your teeth and from below the gum line.

We start by assessing your bone levels to get a baseline, then we remove all the tartar above and below the gumline and educate you about how to keep your teeth clean between visits. We’ll usually have you come in every six months, and we’ll assess your bone levels again and determine how much inflammation is present. This management approach will continue for the rest of your life.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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