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Dentures in Greenwood

woman being fitted with denturesIf you have multiple missing teeth and are ready to reclaim your smile, dentures may be the perfect option for you.

At Greenwood Dental Surgery, we’ll help you to evaluate the solution that works best for your oral health and financial situation.

What Are They

Although they’ve been around for ages, today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than those of the past. They can either replace all of your teeth (full) or a few, which is known as partial.

Both types may require that some teeth be pulled or that some surgery be performed on the bony ridges beneath the gums to better accommodate your new “false teeth” so they have a perfect feel and fit.

Partial dentures can be anchored to existing teeth or stabilised with an implant; however, they are still removable, unlike a bridge, which is fixed in place.

What to Expect

We’ll conduct a thorough exam to determine what is the most appropriate option for you. Next, we’ll take a series of impressions of the teeth that are used to fabricate your custom restoration. We will bring you in for fitting appointments where we try in certain parts of the denture to make sure it fits properly before you get your final teeth.

The entire process takes about three to four weeks from start to finish.

Adjustment Period

Since they’re removable, these won’t feel the same as your natural teeth and there will be an adjustment period as you get used to chewing and speaking. You will have to be careful of eating certain foods—for example, biting into an apple.

You’ll remove them at night so that saliva can wash over your gums to maintain a healthy mouth.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re ready to discuss dentures, we’re here for you. Of course there may be other options available as well, and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that works for your needs and your budget. Contact us today to schedule an examination and consultation.


Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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